California Long Term Care Partnership

California Long Term Care Partnership

California Long Term Care Partnership

The California Partnership for Long-Term Care is dedicated to educating all people who live in California about the need to properly plan their future, in particular when it comes to long term care. The group is called the California Long Term Care Partnership. This innovative program initiated by the State of California, Department of Health Care Services in cooperation with private insurance companies, seeks to educate all Californians about the options available to them when it comes to long term care insurance. Since there are so many confusing options available in the market place today, the prices tend to vary as much as the coverage. That is where the California Long Term Care Partnership comes in. They have taken the guesswork out of the process. They call these special policies issued by this group, “partnership policies” Partnership policies offer the special benefit of Medi-Cal Asset Protection.

It is important that you really understand what long term care involves. The California Long Term Care Partnership allows all Californians to have peace of mind that they will have dignity as they grow old. This means that you will have someone there to make sure you are fed, bathed and housed appropriately as you may lose the faculties to do these things for yourself. This is most often caused by diseases or even by accident. Alzheimers disease is one example. Many people suffer from this affliction and it is tragic when their families suffer not only the mental anguish to watch the memory slip from their loved one’s eyes, they are forced to watch their finances deteriorate as well. This type of double bladed sword of burden can cut very deeply on a family. They can turn your golden years, which should be a relaxed and enjoyable time, into a stress filled puddle of misery.

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It is an important distinction to make that the California Long Term Care Partnership does not sell any insurance policies themselves. What they do is work with prominent and reliable insurance agencies to sell affordable and reliable policies to all Californians. It allows these insurance agencies to clearly state to consumers what coverage they will provide. They have to meet the minimal level demanded and required by the California Long Term Care Partnership. Once they display they are aware of these requirements and offer policies that meet these standards, they are then “Partnership Qualified” This means that you can be sure exactly what type of coverage you are going to receive for your money. If you go to an insurance agent who is not Partnership qualified you will have no guarantee of what kind of coverage you will be receiving for your money.

Remember, California Long Term Care Partnership policies can only be sold by a few select insurance agencies. They have to be specifically certified by the Partnership in order to assure they have met the rigorous requirements established. You should never buy long term care insurance in California unless it is from a Partner Policy approved by California Long Term Care Partnership.

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