Reasons Women Should Be Good at Driving the Manual

selena gomez driving

Reasons Women Should Be Good at Driving the Manual ~ Select transmission is always a consideration when buying a car . Although the automatic transmission makes it easier when driving on urban terrain that is vulnerable to congestion. But the manual transmission certainly has its own advantages.

Especially for women , 3 reasons why women should be good at driving manuals can be your consideration for choosing a car transmission ;

1. Increase Self Confidence

Yes, driving with a manual transmission makes you more trained and has high self-confidence.

This is seen from the process of moving between one tooth to another requires strong steadiness and strong instincts.

When you are proficient, of course there is no problem how far you will drive and with diverse terrain.

girl drive
girl drive

2. More flexibility

Gearshift on a manual car does look quite troublesome.

However, on the other hand the speed adjustment in this manual transmission gives the driver flexibility.

You can process power and speed in accordance with your will and the maximum ability of the car without limitation by automatic gearshift

3. Looks Sexy

Why do women drive cars with manual transmissions look sexy?

This is actually seen from how women learn to adjust the gear shift.

How he thinks, learns to control emotions until finally he can control the pace of his vehicle properly.

selena gomez driving
selena gomez driving

For Women also Need This

Here are eight basic things that women need to know about their cars, especially when driving.

1. How to turn on hazard lights

Hazard lights are one of the important things when driving, especially when experiencing an emergency. This light is turned on when the car suddenly breaks down on the road or the driver experiences another emergency such as a tire burst in the middle of the road. It is important for women to know where the hazard light button is located because each manufacturer puts it differently.

2. How to check tire pressure

Checking pressure is important before someone drives. Of course it’s dangerous to drive a car if the tire pressure is less or more than it should be. Tire pressure can be measured using a measuring device and can be done alone. The pressure number is matched with the recommended tire pressure, can be seen on the inside of the driver’s side door.

amber heard
amber heard

3. How to fill tire wind

If you realize the car’s tire pressure feels less, we must immediately fill it. Just in case you can buy a portable compressor so that it can function when the car tires are less windy on quiet road conditions. While filling, also pay attention to whether there are signs of leak in the car tire.

4. How to fill the wiper water

Seeing the dirty and dusty window panes must disturb the view when driving. When you want to clean it with a wiper it turns out the water runs out can certainly be dangerous. Make sure to check it regularly so that it doesn’t run out of wiper water.

5. How to change tires

Knowing how to change a tire is one of the important things for a woman. Especially when you’re driving alone and don’t know who to ask for when the tire breaks. How to change tires can be seen in various videos spread on Youtube. Or you can ask to teach by your closest relatives.

6. How to open the hood of the car

There are some women who really can only drive a car, even to open the hood just do not know. How to open the hood of each car is different, the driver can check it in the manual on the car.

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7. Know the Odd Signs in the Car

Women usually like to ignore strange sounds on a car’s engine. It is better if there is something unusual in the car immediately bring it to the workshop before it will trigger more severe damage and could endanger the safety of the driver.

Girl checks the oil
Girl checks the oil

8. How to check oil

Not all women know how to check oil in a car. If you want to change the oil, the date is the last oil change date that is usually printed on the car. Though there is no harm in knowing whether the oil must have been replaced or the second fill it.

If the oil level is low we can add it to the visible boundary mark. Also make sure the oil doesn’t leak by looking at it under the car when the car is parked.

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