What To Bear In Mind When Looking For Taxi Insurance

What To Bear In Mind When Looking For Taxi Insurance

What To Bear In Mind When Looking For Taxi Insurance

If you are searching for taxi insurance for your minicab or minicab firm there are certain things you will need to bear in mind. These days there are lots of options available when it comes to cheap taxi insurance .

If you own a fleet of taxis you may well wish to consider taking out a taxi insurance policy as this can work out cheaper as well as helping you keep organised. By taking out a fleet policy you will reduce the amount of paperwork that you would accumulate if you were insuring each vehicle separately. Often insurers offer packages like this for companies with two or more vehicles.

If you are searching for a taxi insurance policy then it is best to look around online before deciding who to go with. Often online insurance companies will provide quotes free of charge as well as discounts you will not get offline. There are lots of different variations of cover available. Some taxi cars can be insured under fully comprehensive cover whereas other taxi cabs can be covered under a third party policy, depending on your needs. Also the vehicles can be a mixture of public and private hire cabs.

Another bonus to private hire taxi fleet insurance is that the policies often cover a variety of different vehicles which essentially means that you can choose to insure your minibus taxi as well as your saloon taxi under one policy. It is usually simple to add new vehicles to the policy if you require.

A way to help reduce the cost of your premium is to carry out a risk assessment on your fleet. Wherever possible try to name your drivers in the policy and make sure that you have copies of their licence documents to hand. Keeping a log of mileage and accidents will also work in your favour with insurers. Some insurers offer policies with an ‘any driver’ option but these are usually more expensive than policies where drivers are named.

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